Now, this blog is using DISQUS

I decided to switch the commenting system for this blog, from WordPress’ built-in commenting system feature to DISQUS. I was not sure which hosted service I wanted to use — DISQUS and Intense Debate came into consideration. Here are some reasons why I use external commenting system service right now: DISQUS provides integration with other […] fast and free

Good news from Facebook after they bright Facebook Lite offline. There is now. According to the announcement: Yet when using the mobile internet, people around the world face two main challenges–sometimes the experience is too slow to be fun and the cost of data plans and understanding them can be daunting. We have designed […]

Have You Checked Your Facebook Privacy Settings (One More Time)?

I’m using Facebook, and I really want to take my profile privacy settings seriously. I mean, this is my account and I want to have every settings (especially related to privacy) are correct. I know, it’s something personal. Some people also think that privacy is dead. You can have your own settings. I think more […]

Nokia Messaging for Social Networks Beta: First Impression

Two days ago, I gave Nokia Messaging for Social Networks Beta a try on my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. This application will help Nokia users to keep update with the social media services — in this case Facebook and Twitter. Of course, it’s still in beta so I should not expect too much. The installation process […]

Facebook Privacy Settings You Should Know

I’m using Facebook, and found this useful post about privacy settings. In short: Understand your friend lists Remove yourself from Facebook search results Remove yourself from Google Avoid the infamous photo tag mistake Protect your albums Avoid the post-breakup Facebook effect Control what information applications can access Make contact information private Avoid embarrassing wall posts […]

250 Million People Are using Facebook (July 2009)

Mark Zuckerberg (Wikipedia profile) announced that Facebook has more than 250 million users around the globe. It’s almost the same with the country population. According to a report, Facebook had 200 million users in last April. I’m amazed to see the growth. This is how “250 million users” in a world map. (click to enlarge, […]

Few Things about Facebook Usernames

Facebook introduces Facebook Usernames. And, now it’s available for public. Now, we can create a personalized and easier-to-remember web address for our Facebook profile page. For those who like ‘shorter is better’ in URL, this should be interesting. Facebook explains: Your new Facebook URL is like your personal destination, or home, on the Web. People […]

You are using an incompatible web browser, Facebook said

I almost have no problems accessing Facebook site using many different browsers. But, I sometime I found problems when using Opera 10 browser. It says that I’m using incompatible web browser. But, it only happens randomly, even when I do the same actions like reloading pages, clicking on the links. And so far, it only […]