Dear Yahoo! Mail, how are you?

There is a fact that Yahoo! Mail is probably one of my first email service providers. Not sure about the exact date I created my account, but I think it was in 2000’s. It was the time when Yahoo! was so popular, had lots of services, and interesting products. Probably, it was also because that […] offers free email for its users. Do you use it?

I decided not to use it. I’m using service to create my personal splash page. You can see mine at It looks good, and very useful to display multiple online profiles like Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram. Everything works great. Few days ago, users received an email informing about an offer to […]

Flickr's New Photos Notification

I don’t know when Flickr rolled out this changes, but I see now that notification email subject about new photos from my Flickr contact is more useful now. Previously, when my contacts uploaded photos to their Flickr photostream, I get notification with subject like this: [Flickr] New items from friends. Now email subject is something […]

Posterous as Media Sharing Service

Few weeks ago, I posted a question about media/image sharing provider as Twitter companion. I asked about the better solution between TwitPic or TweetPhoto. Andre Siregar (@dregar) mentioned about using Posterous as the image sharing provider. Right now, I’m enjoying Posterous. Posterous offers many features that are easy to use, especially — of course — […]

Posterouseptember: Posterous Features in September

This September, Posterous blogging service released some new features and improvements. If you’re not familiar with Posterous — or never heard about it before, it’s a service that will help you put something online. You can post text, photos, videos and also documents. The big difference is that you can do it directly from your […]

Topify, A Much Better Twitter Notification Email System

I think I forgot when I joined (got invitation) to try Topify and started using it. Until now, Topify is really useful. It’s a timesaver! Topify is a simple service that will send notification (by email), and it’s related to Twitter. Two important keywords: Twitter and email account. Sometime, we got notification from Twitter when […]

Longest Email Address

I am not sure whether it’s useful or not, but there is free email service where you can have a very long (again, VERY long) email address. It’s under domain name. Before registering, it’s better to read what it offers (because it’s so long): Some web forms are unable to read your email address […]

Google Supports IMAP

After giving more storage for its Gmail users (I have 4 Gb of storage right now), Google starts to give IMAP support. Google Help Center already mentioned about Supported IMAP Client List. But it seems that not all accounts got this feature. I checked both in my Gmail and Google Apps, I still haven’t got the options to enable the IMAP settings, only POP.