Thomas Arie Setiawan


I’m Thomas Arie Setiawan from Jogjakarta, Indonesia, South East Asia — the owner of this site.

About this blog/site

This blog is made using WordPress as its content management system. I design the layout myself because I want to keep learning to work with WordPress code syntax, HTML and CSS. I know that there are hundreds of beautiful free — or paid — WordPress themes. But, I take the option to do the design.


I went to college and took English Literature at Sanata Dharma University. But, I decided to quit. I don’t take computer science, design school classes, or extra courses.

I love taking photos. I started learning photography when I was in junior high. My very first experience with a camera was started with an SLR camera. Since then I tried to experience another types of cameras. My latest DSLR was Canon 450D. Right now, I take photos using my mobile devices: an iPhone 5, iPad 3rd Generation, and an OPPO R819. Previously, I also used Nokia phones.

You can find my photos at my Instagram account, or Flickr.


In 2010, I joined my friends to build Fashionese Daily, a site dedicated for fashion and beauty. Fashion and beauty? Yes, you read it right. I was responsible for the technical side. My responsibility was to design the site, make sure that everything is working, and minimize technical issues. I read lots of data, statistics, behaviors and learned many things about user/consumer behaviours.

I’m proud to be part of this family and taking part during development of Mommies Daily, and also Female Daily. I left the company in 2012, and back to my hometown.

I joined PT Saling Silang in 2012 to work with another group of developers. I was involved in the project management, working closely with the coders to design some products on how they should be designed, coded and delivered. I felt honoured to be part of the technical team. I work in Jogjakarta most of the time, and went to Jakarta for some meetings and discussions with my partner.

I left PT Saling Silang in February 2013 and went back to Jogja.

Starting in April 2013, I work with a Jogjakarta-based small team at PT Nuwira. The business is about building solutions for businesses, and we’re responsible for the mobile application development and monitoring tools.

At Nuwira, my responsibilities are managing the team to deliver and execute the production and development. I work closely with the business division to get the most from the technology and features. My role is to make the communication and product development work together both from technical and business side. So in most time, I’m responsible to see a product from two perspectives: technical and business. Yes, it’s like speaking and listening using two languages.

Almost everyday, I deal with codes, project management/development tools, monitoring and keep the team busy. At the same time, I also design the “office life”. This is an enjoyable and challenging since at the same time.


If you want to contact me, I prefer to get contacted by email. Drop your email to: thomasarie at gmail.com.